Zodica is a social simulation RPG set in a seed-based voxel world. Build communities of adorable Cosmas, craft items, and battle monsters as you reclaim the realms of Zodica from the shadowy force known as the Void. With diverse biomes to explore, powerful allies to discover, and ancient mysteries to unravel, a brand new world of adventure lies ahead.


The land of Zodica is shrouded in mystery. Realms where Cosmas once lived in peace now lie in ruin. The Guardians, whose celestial powers once protected the lands, have all but succumbed to the malevolent power of the Veil. One by one they’ve fallen, until only a single realm stands against the shadows.

You emerge from the Veil with nothing but a shoddy sword to protect yourself. Unsure of your identity, and possessing the power to drive back the Void, you embark on a journey to restore peace to the land and uncover the secrets that hide in your past.


Frigid tundras, arid deserts, lush forests - the realms of Zodica are as unique as they are numerous! Each of these areas are filled with beautifully hand-crafted plants and wildlife that will challenge you in new and interesting ways. Harvest and refine resources to craft tons of unique tools, structures, clothes, armor, food, decorations, and more. With a bit of planning, you'll be taming the wilderness in no time!


With over 3 billion unique Cosmas to meet, you’ll find that helping hands come in all different shapes and sizes. Motivate and get to know your newfound friends--your decisions will directly affect their behaviors and growth. Recruit Cosmas who can bring new skills to your cause, and your budding community will soon be a busy hub of activity.


From raiders that go bump in the night to the swarms of baddies that infest the fallen realms, the dangers of the Veil are never far from home. With your Cosmas at your side and the Guardians to protect you, you'll take up arms to defend and expand your territory. Master the melee and magic weapons of the world, and train your Cosmas well. Ancient evils don't go down without a fight.


You have the tools to complete your journey however you want to go. The path forward is rarely straight, and Zodica offers many branching pathways for players to travel. From our inclusive character creation options to your rate of progression, you have complete control over your own destiny.

We can't wait to see how you leave your mark on the world of Zodica!